Industry Applications

Tsubaki is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial use power transmission components and equipment.

Differentiating quality, technology development and production systems rather than just simply pursuing cost reductions we believe is a primary goal for Tsubaki. By forward thinking investment, a fine example being the construction of probably the world’s largest state of the art roller chain manufacturing plant ever by Tsubaki.

Customers are increasingly concerned with total life cycle costs. Therefore demand is stronger than ever for enhanced quality and technology, particularly with respect to chain strength, durability and drive performance. To this end we are well placed; developing & releasing products that have the highest quality, added value, wear elongation and durability.

The world over, Tsubaki communicates and enhances the performance of original equipment and final consumer markets. Below is just a small example of the industries Tsubaki service.

Tray packing is heavily utilized in the food and beverage industry, where hygiene is paramount. The machinery to apply the cardboard trays or boxes to items before distribution to the point of sale use transport chain to transport end product and packaging. Lubricant from standard 'OEM' chains causes contamination of chain, machine, machine floor and even the end product itself - causing batches to be lost and profit damaging downtime to occur as equipment requires cleaning.


As one of the world's premier manufacturers of power transmission products, Tsubakimoto has developed a wide range of reliable products, specifically designed to meet the tough working environment of the paper and pulp industry.

From beginning to end, the paper manufacturing process involves the continuous movement of materials from the original woodchip to the finished paper roll and each process can benefit from the expertise of Tsubaki's design engineers. From drive chain and sprockets to couplings and reduction gearboxes, Tsubaki can deliver a wide range of products that will reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve productivity and profitability.


Tsubakimoto Chain, the world's premier manufacturer of power transmission products, has designed an extensive range of products to support manufacturers of medical equipment. Based on proven technology, the range of drive units, lifting gear and power cylinders can help to deliver unrivalled quality, functionality and reliability.