Gripper chain offers lasting reliability for food packing applications

Tsubaki's industry leading 'Gripper' chain is ideally suited for any form, fill and vacuum seal wrapping applications. While many conventional gripping attachments open vertically, Tsubaki's range includes an innovative, 'side swivel' feature which provides a larger opening for improved loading and decreased risk of jamming. The innovative chain attachment is available with many of Tsubaki's high-quality, long-lasting chains, which is ideal for food packaging or other hygiene critical applications.

gripper chain 002

Many conventional gripping attachments for thermoforming have inherent design flaws which makes them prone to early wear damage or grip failure. These failures can cost the end user a great deal in unscheduled maintenance downtime or stock damage - especially if the packaging is to protect food which would otherwise spoil. Fortunately Tsubaki, the world's leading manufacturer of drive and attachment chain, offers a solution which drastically reduces the risk of jamming during operation while also reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Designs which only open and close vertically create a very narrow opening, which can mean that the attachment doesn't grip the film securely. Gripper chain, from Tsubaki, features a unique 'side swivel' feature which means the mechanism opens vertically and then sideways which creates a larger opening; improving the engagement of the film and reducing the possibility of jamming. The design incorporates a coil spring with a square section and both the gripper surface area and spring are larger than most designs, making them less prone to breakage.

gripper chain 001

The Gripper attachment is available with a range of chain types and sizes including stainless steel chains, for applications which will be subjected to wash downs or where acidic products are in use. All Tsubaki chains are proven to offer a service life which far exceeds the industry norm and, due to reduced maintenance and repair downtime, offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Gripper chain can be used in a range of applications from food packaging to the packaging of medical supplies. Tsubaki believes it is important to recognise each client's individual requirements and to fully understand their needs in order to provide an ideal solution, offering different chain types and lubrication options, including USDA H1 approved food grade lubrication. Within these industries, Tsubaki hopes to quickly establish the advantages offered by this improved design and product specification.

All Tsubaki products have extremely short lead times when available from stock or build-to-order from stocked components. For further information please contact Tsubaki for literature, & support material.

– 2013 November 6