Tsubaki delivers power & performance to medical equipment

Tsubakimoto Chain, the world's premier manufacturer of power transmission products, has designed an extensive range of products to support manufacturers of medical equipment. Based on proven technology, the range of drive units, lifting gear and power cylinders can help to deliver unrivalled quality, functionality and reliability.


Tsubaki has a long history in the development and refinement of power transmission products and has a reputation for designing high quality, long lasting and reliable components. These qualities are not only desirable in the medical equipment industry, they are essential.
Most medical diagnostic equipment, such as CT scanners, MRI units and X-ray machines use powered drive systems to lift, transfer, tilt or rotate sections of the equipment in order to provide optimal results. Very often this movement must be precise and repeatable which are qualities that Tsubaki has worked hard to perfect.

Peter de Blok, Sales Manager, Tsubakimoto Europe, comments: "Tsubaki is dedicated to manufacturing power transmission solutions for its customers that will improve accuracy and offer industry leading reliability. These latest products have been developed to address some of the unique challenges presented by medical equipment."


The new range includes the Zip Chain Actuator which is a unique product designed by Tsubaki that is extremely compact, capable of high speed operation and uses less than 1/30th of the power of hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Innovations such as this can help OEMs to produce more compact and reliable equipment for the medical industry.

Additional products include the Worm Power Drive, which provides a smooth and silent operation while also maintaining the load using a self-locking worm gear. Similarly, the Power Cylinder is an electric linear actuator that can be specified with a number of options to suit each application.

You can download the Medical Equipment brochure here.

– 2015 May 5