Traypacker Chain offers unrivalled benefits to Food & Beverage Industry

Tray packing is heavily utilized in the food and beverage industry, where hygiene is paramount. The machinery to apply the cardboard trays or boxes to items before distribution to the point of sale use transport chain to transport end product and packaging. Lubricant from standard 'OEM' chains causes contamination of chain, machine, machine floor and even the end product itself - causing batches to be lost and profit damaging downtime to occur as equipment requires cleaning.


To prevent contamination lubrication can be minimized or completely shut off, but this will cause chain stiffness and uneven elongation of the chain strands. In particular uneven elongation creates the risk of production errors and leads to early replacement of the transport chains. In other cases where the chain ís lubricated the chain itself gets contaminated by dust, glue and paper particles, preventing lubrication to reach the critical areas.

Tsubaki Traypacker Chain is a Lambda solution, an internally lubricated chain specifically designed to integrate with carton tray packing and box folding machines. Requiring no external lubrication - the Lambda range removes the need for costly and time consuming cleaning.

In addition, expensive Food Grade lube can be disregarded due to the NSF-H1 Food Grade lubrication within the chain itself. Internal lubrication cannot transmit to products - which eradicates contamination. Consistent internal lubrication also combats the risks of uneven wear and eventual associated chain elongation, protecting the service life and efficiency of machinery.

On top of this Tsubaki Traypacker Chain is supplied with Match & Tag Service to guarantee a minimum length tolerance between chain strands that run parallel for conveyance purposes in for instance packaging machinery. Multiple case studies prove that even in the most demanding 24/7 production processes Tsubaki Traypacker Chain shows an absolute minimum in elongation making its performance unsurpassed and offering unrivalled benefits year by year!

Traypacker leaflet download here.

– 2017 January 20