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The efficiency and reliability of a chain driven system highly depends on the interaction between the chain and sprocket. Just the smallest discrepancy in size can lead to stress damage to the chain, while low quality materials can cause the sprocket to wear and require early replacement. The Tsubaki range of sprockets has been manufactured from high quality steels to integrate seamlessly with all standard chain sizes and ensure a long and reliable service life.


All of the carbon steel sprockets supplied by Tsubaki as standard from stock feature induction hardened teeth to ensure that the wear life of both the sprocket and chain is maximised.

Resurfacing an asphalt road is one of those tasks that once started really shouldn't be stopped part way through, especially not for a breakdown that may take several hours to repair. However, problems with the reliability and availability of OEM components can lead to unnecessary delays and mounting costs. Several companies in Holland have chosen to install higher specification chains and drive sprockets in order to improve reliability and reduce overall costs.

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The asphalt industry presents some considerable challenges for the equipment that is required to process the aggregates (especially in terms of dust) which can cause significant reliability issues. For one maintenance and repair company in France, a large part of the solution was provided by installing higher specification drive chain which delivered greatly improved reliability.

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The asphalt industry is under constant pressure to deliver fresh, hot asphalt to the road paving companies. It is a process that cannot afford a broken link in the supply chain. Reliability in the equipment used both for production and for installation is paramount, with lost production time having a significant and cumulative knock-on effect. With this in mind, Tsubaki has developed a range of drive chain solutions that have proven highly effective in reducing costs.


Industries which involve the transport of aggregates or rock extractions can be extremely hard on a conveyor drive chain. Abrasive dust particles infiltrate the chain links and cause corrosion of the chain's internals which leads to elongation and eventual failure. Fortunately Tsubaki has shown that its BS chain GT4 Winner offers 45% less elongation than competitor products in such environments.