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Tray packing is heavily utilized in the food and beverage industry, where hygiene is paramount. The machinery to apply the cardboard trays or boxes to items before distribution to the point of sale use transport chain to transport end product and packaging. Lubricant from standard 'OEM' chains causes contamination of chain, machine, machine floor and even the end product itself - causing batches to be lost and profit damaging downtime to occur as equipment requires cleaning.


The efficiency and reliability of a chain driven system highly depends on the interaction between the chain and sprocket. Just the smallest discrepancy in size can lead to stress damage to the chain, while low quality materials can cause the sprocket to wear and require early replacement. The Tsubaki range of sprockets has been manufactured from high quality steels to integrate seamlessly with all standard chain sizes and ensure a long and reliable service life.


All of the carbon steel sprockets supplied by Tsubaki as standard from stock feature induction hardened teeth to ensure that the wear life of both the sprocket and chain is maximised.

Bread production is very competitive in terms of production costs, which need to be kept to a minimum. Highly automated processes are used to reduce overall operating costs and maintenance costs are kept to tight budgets. The failure of a conveyor chain in the last part of the production process can have very significant knock-on effects for overall productivity and efficiency. One group of bakeries has engaged Tsubaki to provide a more reliable conveyor chain to help reduce costs associated with lost production and maintenance.

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For a brewery in Europe, as for many manufacturers, efficient pallet transportation was crucial to maintaining cost effective production regime. When it started to develop problems which lead to increased maintenance costs and lost production time, a rapid and reliable solution was required. In this case, the solution required expert advice from Tsubaki and the ability to offer high quality chain which would deliver improved performance as well as reducing maintenance costs.

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Tsubaki's industry leading 'Gripper' chain is ideally suited for any form, fill and vacuum seal wrapping applications. While many conventional gripping attachments open vertically, Tsubaki's range includes an innovative, 'side swivel' feature which provides a larger opening for improved loading and decreased risk of jamming. The innovative chain attachment is available with many of Tsubaki's high-quality, long-lasting chains, which is ideal for food packaging or other hygiene critical applications.

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With so many companies claiming expertise in manufacturing roller chain products that do not require any external lubricant throughout their lives, Tsubaki, the original creators of  lube-free chain explain how it is done and detail some surprising real world benefits...

There are a number of ways of achieving non-lube performance of drive chains. These vary with the load capacity and life requirements of the transmission medium. Today engineering plastics, especially self-lubricating acetyl types, play a part but, in the main, these type of chains suit applications where corrosion resistance and weight saving are more important than load capacity. Where conventional externally lubricated steel roller chain is normally used power transmission capacity and wear life are the main criteria for selection and an all steel lube-free chain is required.


Tsubaki conveyor chain has enabled Cadbury to significantly increase production on an automated Bindler chocolate moulding plant at the company's Bournville works in Birmingham. The wear characteristics of the chain previously fitted to the machine meant that frequent adjustment was required to maintain accuracy and replacement was required every twelve months. The new Tsubaki chain has been in operation for over six months and has not yet required any adjustment. Maintaining this level of accuracy has also allowed throughput on the machine to be increased, resulting in a production increase of thousands of chocolates per day.

The Bindler machine is a fully integrated chocolate moulding plant, used to produce chocolates with centres such as Roses™, Milk Tray™ and Miniature Heroes™.