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The efficiency and reliability of a chain driven system highly depends on the interaction between the chain and sprocket. Just the smallest discrepancy in size can lead to stress damage to the chain, while low quality materials can cause the sprocket to wear and require early replacement. The Tsubaki range of sprockets has been manufactured from high quality steels to integrate seamlessly with all standard chain sizes and ensure a long and reliable service life.


All of the carbon steel sprockets supplied by Tsubaki as standard from stock feature induction hardened teeth to ensure that the wear life of both the sprocket and chain is maximised.

Operations Managers of warehouses, distribution centres and materials handling facilities understand the importance of reliability and low maintenance in power transmission components such as roller chain. Large, automated warehouses can have many kilometres of chain on site, often with just a handful of operational and maintenance staff to call on in the event of failure. Fortunately Tsubaki offers a variety of long-lasting chain solutions which match current requirements by providing very low maintenance operation and significantly reduced life-cycle costs.

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For a brewery in Europe, as for many manufacturers, efficient pallet transportation was crucial to maintaining cost effective production regime. When it started to develop problems which lead to increased maintenance costs and lost production time, a rapid and reliable solution was required. In this case, the solution required expert advice from Tsubaki and the ability to offer high quality chain which would deliver improved performance as well as reducing maintenance costs.

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Technological innovation is currently seen as a major driving force towards achieving improved efficiency, and therefore improved overall performance, in the packaging industry. The manufacture of tubes, cans, bottles etc. is a huge sector; as is the business of filling them. There are many companies involved in this side of the packaging industry and many potential products, from aerosols and pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, but one thing is for sure, they can all benefit from improved reliability in their production lines.


TSU100Tsubaki is redefining the performance and longevity of "standard" flat side plate chain for automated warehouse applications with its next generation BS series RF roller chain. The new RF variants include several design improvements that combine to significantly improve the wear life of the chain.

Tsubaki BS RF chain is ideally suited for use in basic pallet conveying applications for automated warehousing & logistics centres. The new chain is available in both standard carbon steel and Lambda lube free variant. The Lambda version helps to address the problem of external contamination entering the chain components via lubricant on the chain surface and creating the mechanical wear that results in chain elongation and high replacement costs. Lambda is 'dry to the touch' and so does not collect contaminants that work their way into the chain and wear it out.