Tsubaki Europe launches new Maintenance and Installation Guide

Tsubaki Europe has launched a brand new user guide outlining recommended installation, care and maintenance methods for its chain products. Aimed primarily at OEM designers, maintenance subcontractors and engineering professionals at end users; the brochure provides a comprehensive reference point to maximise the lifetime; in combination with Tsubaki's unique chain features and benefits such as solid rollers, lube-groove bushes, easy dis-assembly and the patented ring coined connecting link.

The new guide is designed to support the three catalogues that have previously been launched by Tsubaki Europe. It includes an installation guide for each chain type as well as basic maintenance, inspection and problem solving techniques.

tsubaki_maintenance_and_installation_guideThe reasoning behind the development of this guide is that maintenance and installation engineers are often expected to be master of all trades in today's lean operating conditions. Having a comprehensive guide that makes no assumptions about product knowledge, but provides detail and technical insight that is needed to effectively order, install and care for a critical power transmission component such as chain is now more relevant than ever.

The brochure is split into three key product sections - Roller Chain, Attachment Chain and Conveyor Chain, a corrosion resistance guide and appendix. Each product section has a number of chapters including ordering, installation, lubrication and inspection. The guide also includes information that is unique to particular types of chain - for example, chain length tolerance, cutting specific types of chain and tension adjustment. There is also an introduction to Tsubaki Europe's Match & Tag facility, a high accuracy service enabling supply of chains in exact matched sets for conveying systems.

Within the guide information has been provided for chains that will be located in harsh environments and that may need extra care or attention; as well as advice for increasing the chain's operating life. There is also a corrosion resistance guide that advises on the levels of resistance that different chain materials have to a variety of potentially corrosive substances.

Roller chain troubleshooting and problem solving is one of the most difficult areas for engineers to evaluate and resolve when faced with potential line stoppages and production downtime, so a simple guide that highlights the common causes of chain failure and the potential remedy has been included.

The brochure is extremely detailed, extending to some 86 pages and is available in print or it can be downloaded from the Tsubaki website at http://tsubaki.eu/downloads/. For further information or enquiries as to the correct aftercare of Tsubaki chain please email the experienced Tsubaki staff at: info@tsubaki.eu.

– 2011 January 10