Tsubaki Leads the Lube-Free Market with Lambda Chain

For many years conventional oil based lubricants have been an issue when externally applied to chain drives in a wide range of industries and application environments. With demands for increased cleanliness spreading to industries such as paper, packaging and electronics, chains that require no additional lubrication are becoming ever more popular. Tsubaki Lambda drive chain uses internal lubrication to reduce the likelihood of wear in key components without risking contamination to the conveyed product or surrounding machinery area.

There are some obvious initial benefits to using this type of roller chain within MRO markets as it will retrofit directly with standard BS/DIN or ANSI chain sizes and requires no additional lubrication. As a result of this technology wear tends to be minimal since the key bearing areas of the chain are always lubricated, reducing the friction normally created, hence chain maintenance and the associated costly downtime. Industries and applications that have traditionally used expensive lubricants can now operate without the need for additional chain lubrication, even in some arduous wash down environments.

Tsubaki, the World's leading manufacturer of drive chain has set a new benchmark for self lubricating (or lube-free) chains as they are commonly known with its BS/DIN & ANSI series Lambda chain. The chain combines all the benefits of non-lube operation in a highly convenient, 'easy-disassemble' design (BS series) that retains full chain strength in the patented design ring coined connecting link which is supplied with every box of chain.

Lambda chain is the result of many years of technological development of Tsubaki's non-lube products - with the first generation Lambda launched back in 1988. The current generation results in an even better wear-life, ensuring that Lambda chain will comfortably outlast both traditional externally lubricated chains and other 'lube-free' type chains that have not received the same depth of design input or product development.

The Lambda technology is unified across both drive and conveyor series.

Specifying Lambda reduces maintenance requirements while increasing productivity in virtually any suitable application. Lambda can return several times the purchase value during its working life through reduced chain replacement and costs of lubricants associated with automatic and manual lubrication procedures. Lambda chain has a wide operating temperature depending on the specification from -10 degrees C through to +230 degrees C without compromising lubrication performance.

Tsubaki helps to create an environment where less frequent chain replacement results in less consumption of resources and contributes to a significantly lower CO2 emission.

The chain provides a direct replacement for standard size roller chains and only requires standard dimension sprockets. Unlike normally lubricated chains Lambda is dry to handle and available in the size range 06B - 24B in both single strand and 'duplex' form. The product is always available from stock unlike many other manufacturers offering their version of lube free products. Many standard attachment variants are available for BS/DIN in addition to an equally wide range of ANSI sizes. Special corrosion protective N.E.P Lambda and ultra-long life X-Lambda versions are also available for specific applications.

With such a strong development history Lambda is now available not just as a lube free chain but also in a number of variants within the ANSI series. The Lambda heavy series, which has the advantage of higher shock load resistance than standard ANSI Lambda, is particularly suitable for harsh environments where the chain will be subject to heavy impact; or for compact drives and equipment that must operate in tight spaces; or where higher transmission power, allowable load or tensile strength is required.

Heat resistant Lambda is available for those applications where temperature requirements are higher than ambient and therefore suitable for temperatures up to 230 degrees C. Specifically for food industry applications Tsubaki offers the Lambda FG series with a special food grade lubricant impregnated in the bush (NSF-H3 certified) and anti corrosive oil (NSF-H1 certified) to prevent chain corrosion.

With years of application experience in this technology and real time application success in the field, Tsubaki Lambda offers many benefits for the customer with the peace of mind in knowing that many years development experience has gone into each length of chain supplied.

– 2012 January 30