Tsubakimoto Europe achieves ISO 14001 accreditation


Tsubakimoto Europe B.V., a leading manufacturer and supplier of roller chain, has successfully been awarded ISO 14001:2004 accreditation. The award supports Tsubakimoto Europe's claims that it is striving to improve its own environmental performance and that its products offer customers the most environmentally and economically sound choice on the market.

The ISO 14001 certificate is awarded to organisations that have shown a continued investment in improving their environmental practices. Rather than following exact guidelines the award asks each organisation to set its own goals for improvement, and develop its own management and measurement systems to monitor its success. If a company holds ISO 14001 accreditation an environmental management system will be in place that ensures continued best practice.

To achieve its accreditation Tsubakimoto Europe created a list of 14 goals for the next five years; which included improving the company's energy efficiency and reducing the levels of waste it sends to landfill. It carried out a thorough review of its manufacturing and warehousing strategies to see how energy use could be reduced; and worked to improve the environmental benefits of all the products in its range. It wanted to ensure that its customers saw real term benefits to the new award.

Esmeralda van Wensveen, responsible for Tsubakimoto Europe's environmental affairs, comments: "To achieve ISO 14001 we had to show that we are making constant improvements at every level of our business. The beauty of this award is there aren't set guidelines which you can easily follow; we needed to meet our own self-imposed goals which proves that real thought and dedication is involved."

During the audit, which took place on the 16th and 23rd March, Tsubakimoto Europe was commended for a number of improvements that it had made to its operation; including improvements of it warehouse lighting which reduces energy use by 12%. It was also praised for its green procurement practice and its commitment to improving the longevity of its products.



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– 2012 August 2