TSUBAKI introduces new BS/DIN Lambda Lube Free Chain


Tsubaki, the world's largest and most advanced manufacturer of chain has released the new 5th generation of BS/DIN Lambda Lube Free roller chain. The new generation of Lube Free chain hosts a number of manufacturing and material developments resulting in a 50% longer wear life.

Lambda brochure chain features

Four Key Features

  1. Sintered Oil Impregnated Bush

  2. Special Coated Pin

  3. Centre Sink Rivet

  4. Ring Coin

Sintered Oil Impregnated Bush
Tsubaki Lambda bushes have been upgraded to the optimum composition of sintered metals. The lubricant specifications and oil impregnation methods have been reviewed and further improved. In addition, heat treatment and overall bush geometry have been improved to secure optimal performance.

The microscopic pores in the seamless sintered bush are vacuum filled with high performance lubricant. The upgraded bush design enables a 50% increase in wear-life performance.

Special Coated Pin
The special hard coating on the pin surface enhances the long term internal lubrication and increases the wear resistance resulting in extended lifetime and less maintenance.

Centre Sink Rivet - Easy Disassembly
The unique centre sink pin design offers easy chain disassembly and the markers on the rivet head enable the customer to identify pin rotation which is an indication of chain overload and therefore the need for chain replacement.

Ring Coin - Increased Transmission Capacity
The patented Ring Coin connecting link ensures that the chain can be specified up to its full chain capacity. The typical standard slip-fit connecting link is usually up to 25% weaker than the other links. Tsubaki's Ring Coin technology has overcome that problem.

25% Reduction in Initial Elongation
For conveyor applications, a 25% reduction in initial elongation now comes as standard. This reduces the need for post installation maintenance (less chain / sprocket adjustment) and contributes to the overall increased life time of the chain.

Elongation Stability
The elongation pattern of the New Tsubaki Lambda chain is now extremely stable. This minimizes the need for intermediate chain and sprocket adjustment.

The Tsubaki Group is working to conserve the environment and reduce the environmental impact of its operations by improving the efficiency of its manufacturing activities. Tsubaki ECOLINK logo

That is why Tsubaki has established standards for evaluating the environmental friendliness of its products. Only products that meet Tsubaki's exacting guidelines are recognized as eco-products and certified with the Tsubaki Eco Link logo.

Tsubaki Lambda chain meets those standards and is certified with the Eco Link logo.

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– 2012 September 25