Tsubakimoto Chain Co. continues growth strategy with the purchase of Mayfran Group

Tsubakimoto Chain Company, the world's leading manufacturer of roller chain and associated power transmission products, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Mayfran Group. The Mayfran group has manufacturing facilities around the world and specialises in waste removal conveyors for metal working and machine tools. Tsubakimoto plans to continue investment in Mayfran's R&D while helping the company to expand into new markets.

The Mayfran Group was established in 1933 in the USA where it specialised in providing solutions for scrap & coolant management and material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing and other applications. The company shares Tsubaki's quality ethos and now has manufacturing facilities throughout the USA, Europa and the rest of the world, employing around 1,000 people globally.

Tsubakimoto and Mayfran first began working together in 1973, establishing a joint venture known as Tsubaki Mayfran Inc. The two companies have worked closely for the last 40 years forming a strategic alliance which has allowed both parties to grow and strengthen their product portfolio. The acquisition is the next natural step in the relationship, one which promises to strengthen Mayfran's presence in existing markets while helping it to expand into China and other emerging economies.

Masaya UshidaMasaya Ushida, President of Tsubakimoto Europe, comments: "Tsubakimoto and Mayfran have worked side by side for the last 40 years. The knowledge and understanding of Mayfran's business that we have gained in that time will allow us to help Mayfran continue its excellent work in servicing existing markets while also developing new products and expanding into regions where it has traditionally not had a platform to sell. We welcome the Mayfran Group into the Tsubakimoto family and look forward to the opportunities which we will share in the future."

– 2012 October 8