Compact worm gear drives deliver improved performance

Tsubaki Europe has launched a new range of Troi Drive and Worm Power Drive reducers which benefit from an improved oil seal design for reduced maintenance requirements. The reducers are available in a range of sizes and offer a compact design which makes them suitable for most applications. The design follows Tsubaki's €co & Eco philosophy which embraces economy and ecology to deliver products which offer high performance with reduced total life costs.

Extensive commitment to R&D has allowed Tsubaki to develop a wide range of modular products which allows users to customise the products to meet the application requirements precisely; ensuring a compact and efficient solution. Starting with the compact base unit, a choice of input and output shaft types can be selected followed by the shaft and mounting style required by each situation; the number of possible variations is vast.

Both the Troi Drive and Worm Power Drive products employ a worm gear-to-wheel configuration which enables them to provide a very high reduction ratio, generally 1:10 to 1:60, with a self-locking ability; reduction ratios of 1:100 to 1:3600 are also available by selecting a double reduction drive. Because the power is transmitted through a regular sliding contact, the use of a worm gear results in extremely low vibration and noise, even when dealing with high torque loads. The enhanced design means that the entire range is able to provide increased power when compared to competitor products of the same size. This means that smaller units can be specified for a compact and efficient solution.

The smaller, compact design of the Worm Power Drive range is capable of producing an output torque from 12Nm up to 5,700Nm. It is available with either solid or hollow output shafts with a range of mounting options, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Improvements to the oil seal design on both the input and output shafts has doubled the life of the oil seals. Additionally, the environmental credentials have been improved by changing the paint process to electrostatic baking and by removing the use of paint thinners.

The larger, Troi Drive TD series reducer uses a drum shaped troidal worm gear, which provides premium performance and efficiency. Solutions are available in medium to large sizes (125-315), with both solid or hollow output shafts, and output torques from 1,100Nm up to 47,000Nm. Compared to the cylindrical worm gears of its competitors, the Troi Drive reducers can deliver the same output, but from a unit 2 frame sizes smaller - a significant benefit with the trend for more compact equipment.

Both product lines provide a full range of options for customers from a huge variety of industries and are supported by a comprehensive dealer network. From the initial point of contact, the Tsubaki Europe staff will help with every step of the selection process to ensure the client receives the correct reducer for the application. This is complimented by the after-sales support, to provide product assistance throughout its life.

– 2013 March 1