Special Delivery Service reduces lead times for custom-built orders to 1 week

Tsubakimoto Europe has launched a new delivery service for its attachment chain products which can reduce lead times for some 'Build To Order' chain to as little as one week. The Special Delivery Service allows customers to specify any one of the popular standard attachments within the Tsubaki product range on any suitable base chain product of up to 50 metres in length and receive the order in industry leading times.


Because of the almost infinite number of combinations which can be created from the base chains and attachments available from Tsubaki, it is impossible to keep an efficient stock profile to meet all demands. Instead Tsubakimoto Europe runs a 'Build To Order' service where all the most popular components are held in stock and chain is built bespoke to each order that comes in. While this means that no customer has to make compromises in terms of specification, it does lead to slightly increased lead times over Tsubaki's stocked items.

Now, on qualifying chain, customers are able to request the Special Delivery Service during the order process which can reduce lead times to as little as one week. Many BS and ANSI attachment chains qualify for the Special Delivery Service, even Tsubaki's leading products such as Lambda lube-free chain, GT4 Winner chain and N.E.P. chain.

Derek Mack, UK Sales Director for Tsubaki Europe, comments: "We understand that there are times when our customers need chain in a hurry. While we can't hold every permutation of our attachment chain products in stock, we can commit to delivering it as quickly as possible when the situation demands it. The new Special Delivery Service gets our products to the customer's door as fast as humanly possible."

Some qualifying chain orders (up to 20 meters) can be delivered within a week, while the rest will be delivered within two weeks. A delivery chart is available upon request from Tsubaki's sales team; alternatively customers can enquire about the service during their order.

– 2013 April 25