Tsubaki LSC stainless steel chain can outlast conventional chain

Tsubaki's LSC stainless steel chain can offer prolonged operational life in many different environments. The chain's unique design makes it beneficial in both dry and wet environments; the chain is also lube-free meaning that it requires little maintenance and is suitable for use in hygiene applications such as pharmaceuticals. Available with stainless steel or engineering plastic rollers, the chain is proven to last longer than conventional stainless steel chain.

lsc stainless chain

LSC stainless steel chain uses a unique design to ensure that it will survive in any environment for far longer than conventional stainless steel chain. A special engineering plastic is used as a bearing between the chain pins and bushes which is extremely hard wearing and requires no external lubrication once installed. It is available in sizes RS40 LSC to RS80 LSC and RF2040 LSC to RF2080 LSC and can be specified with stainless steel or engineering plastic rollers.

lsc chain plastic rollers

With stainless steel rollers that chain has an operating temperature range of between -20 and 100˚C. The plastic rollers will operate in temperatures between -20 and 80˚C and offer many times the conventional wear life due to the increased wear resistance of the material. Both chain styles are suitable for use in dry environments while the stainless steel rollers are recommended for installation with wet applications.

lsc stainless chain exploded

Derek Mack, Tsubaki UK Sales Director, comments: "The new LSC stainless steel chain offers superior wear life in most environments and, because it is lube free, there are no real maintenance costs associated with it. The chain has been designed to minimise, and in some cases eliminate entirely, common problems associated with roller chain including chain elongation, poor articulation, poor positioning during work transfer and excessive noise."

A new product brochure is now available to order from Tsubakimoto Europe or download at http://tsubaki.eu.

– 2014 January 23