Tsubaki offers RetroFIT chain products to improve performance

Drive chains are used in a vast range of applications; many need to operate to high accuracy, while some have special attachments or lubrication requirements that can make sourcing a replacement an onerous task. To help maintenance engineers everywhere, Tsubaki has developed the RetroFIT service, which can not only provide replacement chains but will also ensure that the attachments are correct, lubrication and wear characteristics are improved and overall cost of ownership is reduced.

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Chain products can be susceptible to high rates of wear, especially when operating in difficult conditions, leading to reduced production efficiency and increased maintenance costs. There comes a point when the decision to replace the chain has to be taken, which leads to a number of choices that need to be made. Many will select the OEM chain again and accept the level of performance that it provides, while some will specify the lowest cost item, opting for immediate savings over long term benefits. However, there is a third choice, one which can lead to improved performance and reliability, even over the OEM product.
For some time the term total cost of ownership (TCO) has been used to promote improved savings over a longer period of time compared to the initial product cost, but this principle has not been adopted by everyone. Most people understand the theory, but putting it into practice can involve considerable effort in justifying higher initial costs, which should be recovered by improved efficiency and performance over an extended period.

The problem seems to lie in the ability to prove that one product will, in fact, outlast another and support the idea with actual figures from real life examples. Tsubaki took the time and effort to collect this information on individual basis and created case studies that provide accurate and detailed figures of proven results.

One example shows how an OEM product, operating in an atmosphere contaminated with paper dust, would fail after only 8 weeks in operation.  Using calculations provided by Tsubaki, it was possible to support a decision to change the chain design to one better suited to the application.  The result was uninterrupted production for over 12 months, which provided considerable savings in maintenance costs and lost production and more than outweighed the initial price of the more reliable chain.

RetroFIT also offers customers the ability to source an exact dimensional replacement chain, with no need to change sprockets or chain attachments, with the additional benefits associated with Tsubaki chain products, such as improved lubrication techniques which improve chain durability and increase service life.
The service also stands for the quality and accuracy of the replacement chain, which is a crucial requirement in many applications. Chains which are used in parallel for conveying products or used in lifting applications must have very tight tolerances for length. With its Match & Tag service, Tsubaki can guarantee a maximum chain length difference between pairs of just 0.5mm, regardless of the total chain length that is ordered by the customer.

This can be achieved by the Tsubaki European HQ, which is equipped with sophisticated equipment along with a vast stock of chain types, designs and parts. This means that the exact requirements of the customer are delivered to specification and on time, reducing time and leading to improved reliability and efficiency.

Tsubaki is well known throughout the industry for producing chain which is proven to last longer than standard or originally installed products in almost any environment. Its BS GT4 Winner has been designed to retain lubrication at the point of contact between the pin and the bush which reduces the need for scheduled maintenance. Alternatively, once installed, Tsubaki's 5th generation Lambda Lube-Free roller chain requires no external lubrication whatsoever. These and many other benefits have been designed to improve the overall reliability of equipment which requires roller chain.

Derek Mack, Sales Director for Tsubaki UK, comments: "Our expert engineers are available to offer both pre and post-sale support; with on-site chain surveys and condition based monitoring. We have developed a comprehensive range of chain, so that we can offer solutions which directly benefit each individual application. Our sales engineers are well trained to offer total life cost reduction to help customers source a solution which is right for them."

– 2014 February 28