Compact Flexible Chain Couplings with nylon and steel chain

Tsubaki, the world's largest manufacturer of roller chain, has introduced a new range of flexible chain couplings to suit a variety of power transmission applications.  The CR series includes 24 models using high quality steel roller chain, and a further 28 CN Series models using a lube free nylon chain.  Each model consists of two dedicated sprockets with hardened teeth connected with a double strand roller chain.TSU175 CR.jpg

Tsubaki CR Series Flexible Couplings


Designed for providing an economical means of positive power transmission between two shafts while occupying minimal space, flexible chain couplings are typically used for connecting power sources to driven equipment; such as motors to fans, pumps, conveyors, compressors and other plant equipment. With minimal transmission losses, chain couplings are also very energy efficient.

The complete coupling provides excellent durability; the precisely machined sprockets and teeth are specifically shaped to fit the coupling chain and ensure, minimising wear. Maintenance is also extremely efficient as installation and removal is very straightforward, without the need for any special tools, requiring only one connecting pin and spring clip to be inserted or removed.

Available in bore sizes from 16mm right up to 700mm, Tsubaki also offers 117 different dimensions of standard bore, allowing the customer to select the exact type of fitting and keyway to suit the application.  This eliminates the need for additional, time consuming, machining on-site and so reduces the overall cost of the installation.

Depending on the particular application, Tsubaki also produces a casing for each model which improves the lubrication and service life of the coupling. Made from aluminium alloy and incorporating an oil seal, the two halves of the casing are bolted together to provide additional protection from dust and humidity.TSU175 CN.jpg

Tsubaki CN Series Flexible Couplings

For applications where corrosion is prevalent, Tsubaki recommends the use of the nylon chain coupling, which although outright toque transmission capacity is lower than the steel version; it does not require lubrication and ensures that the environment around the coupling is not contaminated with grease.  Use of the nylon chain also ensures quieter running when compared to metal chain drives.Full specifications including sprocket and chain dimensions, shaft sizes as well as power transmission capacity, bore selection charts and lubrication information can be found in the pdf document available from Tsubaki: download here

– 2014 July 21