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Tsubaki, the world's largest and most advanced manufacturer of chain has released the new 5th generation of BS/DIN Lambda Lube Free roller chain. The new generation of Lube Free chain hosts a number of manufacturing and material developments resulting in a 50% longer wear life.


Tsubaki's 4th generation BS/DIN Standard power transmission roller chain, GT4 Winner, is living up to the company's Eco-Eco promise of delivering economical and ecological benefits to its customers. A recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) showed that thanks to environmentally aware material sourcing and manufacturing, coupled with extended operational life, GT4 Winner chain generates 66% less CO2 than comparable products.

With a new approach to product design and development, Tsubaki is helping customers address the key challenges of the 21st Century; reducing the environmental burden of their operations and improving economic efficiency.


Tsubakimoto Europe B.V., a leading manufacturer and supplier of roller chain, has successfully been awarded ISO 14001:2004 accreditation. The award supports Tsubakimoto Europe's claims that it is striving to improve its own environmental performance and that its products offer customers the most environmentally and economically sound choice on the market.


Sourcing chain for bookbinding machinery can be a frustrating process. The chain needs to be specified to extremely accurate lengths, and with highly individual attachments, which usually leads to long lead times from specialist suppliers; plus, frequent replacement may also be expected as the paper dust created by the process tends to stick to exposed lubricant and causes the chain's pins to wear early. Fortunately, Tsubaki can now solve both problems by offering it's innovate self-lubricating (and dry to the touch) 'Lambda Lube Free" attachment chain for most machines from stock.

Tsubaki's Double Plus conveyor chain, part of its innovative Free Flow series, is capable of conveying object 2.5 times faster than the actual chain speed. The result is improved operating life and reduced energy use - as motor speeds need only run at 60% of previous speeds - which combine to offer the user increased cost savings throughout the life of the product. Chain noise is also reduced by as much as 15dB compared to outboard plastic roller chains.

Double Plus Chain pic

Tsubaki has launched two innovative new components to its bucket elevator products range to deliver twice the service life over conventional products. Its latest FB-specification conveyor attachment chain for bucket elevators features an innovative sealing solution to prevent lubricant contamination, while replacement sprocket blades help to keep the wheels turning for twice as long.

Tsubaki's innovative range of PC chain combines the benefits of stainless steel and engineering plastic to create a lube-free hybrid chain for applications where corrosion and a lack of lubrication are a problem. Available in drive, conveyor and attachment variations, the new PC series chains offer resilience to outdoor conditions, detergents & steam; as well as food ingredients such as oils & lactic acid. The solid engineering plastic inner link design promotes easier cleaning and allows lube-free operation, extending chain life in poor lubrication situations.

For many years conventional oil based lubricants have been an issue when externally applied to chain drives in a wide range of industries and application environments. With demands for increased cleanliness spreading to industries such as paper, packaging and electronics, chains that require no additional lubrication are becoming ever more popular. Tsubaki Lambda drive chain uses internal lubrication to reduce the likelihood of wear in key components without risking contamination to the conveyed product or surrounding machinery area.

Tsubaki Europe has launched a new catalogue that contains its full range of cam clutches for general overrunning, indexing and backstopping applications. The catalogue also covers mechanical overload protection components, chain couplings and a cam clutch selection chart. The catalogue is available from Tsubaki as either a hardcopy or to download from the Tsubaki website.